High sleeper bed with grey stardust sleepover chair and desk

Grey Stardust Bedroom

Looking for a playful yet neutral look your child will love as they grow? Our grey stardust design is just the ticket! Our Merlin High Sleeper Bed in Ivory looks marvellous with this neutral colour scheme and is great for older children.

Merlin High Sleeper with Desk, Grey Stardust
Nelson Desk Chair, Ivory
Tate ivory chest of drawers
Tate Cupboard, Ivory
Confetti Spot Rug, Large
Confetti Spot Bedding Set - Single
Children's Blackout Curtains - Confetti Spot, W135 x L137 cm
Grey Stardust Rug, Large
Grey Stardust Bedding Set - Single
Greenaway Bookcase, Cloud Grey
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