Galaxy Stardust Bedroom

Your aspiring astronauts won’t want to leave their room when it's kitted out with a fun space theme! Our Space Rug is the real showstopper here; each planet is handcrafted to depict an incredible view of the solar system.

kids' bedroom with white bunk bed and planets rug


Paddington Bunk Bed, Navy Stardust Curtains
25% off
Space Rug, Large
15% off
Felt Wall Hanging, Space
30% off
Grey Stardust Bedding Set - Single
25% off
Chair Bed, Grey Stardust
Children's Blackout Curtains - Grey Stardust, W165 x L183 cm
20% off
Small Classic Toy Box
30% off
Star Bright Wardrobe, Bright White
20% off
Star Bright Chest of Drawers, Bright White
20% off
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