Galaxy Stardust Bedroom

Your aspiring astronauts won’t want to leave their room when it's kitted out with a fun space theme! Our Space Rug is the real showstopper here; each planet is handcrafted to depict an incredible view of the solar system.

kids' bedroom with white bunk bed and planets rug


Paddington Bunk Bed, Navy Stardust Curtains
Space Rug, Large
Felt Wall Hanging, Space
clip-on bedside table
white bunk bed light
Grey Stardust Bedding Set - Single
Chair Bed, Grey Stardust
Children's Blackout Curtains - Grey Stardust, W165 x L183 cm
Small Classic Toy Box
Greenaway Skinny Gallery Bookcase, White.
Star Bright Wardrobe, Bright White
Star Bright Chest of Drawers, Bright White
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