Meet our Testing Team

Meet the GLTC Testing Team

Be it quality, price, function or fun factor, we ask our lovely testing Team (and their parents) what they think of our ideas. In fact with their help we've grown our range from a few pieces of practical equipment into a collection of beautiful toys, storage ideas, and beds for kids.

There are always lots of Testers of all ages dotted about doing their bit, but there are a few stalwarts of the team who deserve a special mention: Bryony (5yrs), Sally (9yrs), Dion (10yrs), Tom (10yrs), and Grace (12yrs). They're a bunch of cuties but they're also highly opinionated (and we wouldn't have it any other way).

Look out for their Testing Team Favourites throughout our range of kids' toys, beds and furniture.

She's as bright as a button and can always be relied upon to tell us exactly what she thinks about all our toys and designs. She's just started school!

Her big ambition at the moment is to be old enough to sleep on the top bunk. Not too long now Bryony...

Meet Bryony's big brother. He loves being on the move and playing outside with his friends...

He was the hero who alerted us to the delights of our gorgeous play tents and balance bikes. Way to go Dion!

Sally is the youngest daughter of our Chairman Jamie. She's our expert on role play toys, along with her big sister Grace.

She was the most vociferous fan of our award winning Play Shop. Thanks Sally, you were spot on!

Our tester Grace has grown up with GLTC! She has always been a bit of a bookworm.

In fact our Sling Bookcase was originally designed with her in mind. Here's to the next chapter Grace!

Tom is Grace's little brother (as she often reminds him). A testing team veteran, he loves cars, building things and dancing.

We leave the dance moves to him but he loved the toy garage we designed when he was little. High five Tom!


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