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About Us

About us

The Great Little Trading Company began life in 1997. Our vision was, and is, to help parents create happy, organised homes for their families. We've done this by broadening our range to include storage, furniture, room accessories and toys as well as all the practical stuff.

As a father of three himself, our CEO, Jamie Reeve is in a great position to understand what GLTC is about. We understand kids only get one chance at childhood – and how easy this is for busy parents to forget. Like all parents we want our children to have the best possible experience - it’s a window of opportunity to equip our children for adult life, as well as a rather magical time we should all treasure.  

So you know those moments when you can hardly see your floor for toys but all you want is a date with the sofa? Or when your shiny new car is introduced to a banana skin and a pair of tiny wellies that have just found the biggest puddle in the park? 

We’re here to help you to smooth out the rougher bits of living with kids – we can help you add in lots of fun bits too.

Why choose GLTC?  

Because we’ve been there, and done that.
That’s why we know how to help you enjoy (or just cope with) every moment of family life, good or bad.

Because we appreciate that childhood is an amazing time - that they’re amazing.
We’ll try to make you always feel that way too, even on the toughest days.

Because we ask the right questions.
When it comes to deciding if something is worth including in our collection we ask ourselves: does it really, really work? In absolutely every way, including quality and price?

Because we believe in tradition and quality as well as innovation.
We might add a modernising tweak to things here, and there if we need to (we have a whole team of specialist Tweakers) and we’re always spotting clever new things on our travels (with a team of Spotters!).

Because well over half our range is exclusive.
If we just can’t find what we want, we design it ourselves (yes, we have a team of Ideas People too).

And because we know how to make things fun.
You’ve got your car seat protector and your storage system, but we’ll help remind you what it’s like to be little - that Christmas stockings are more fun when they’re lumpy, or that treasure hunts are the surest way for little legs to last on long walks.

How do we make sure our products work?

Over the past 15 years our testing team have carried the hefty responsibility of testing all our bright ideas, (we even ask their parents to join in too). They’re a hard bunch to please, so you can be sure that whatever we sell is up to the job, and we’ve won several awards over the years so we’re not the only ones who think we’re getting it right. But we’re always keen to hear what YOU think, and any suggestions you may have. So please email any comments to customercare@gltc.co.uk and we’ll be happy to listen, good or bad.

Give us a try

If you think you’d like to make an order or there’s something you’re not sure about, you can call our very clever customer service team on 0344 848 6000 between 8am - 8pm Mon- Fri and 10am - 4pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays; you can also email us at customercare@gltc.co.uk.


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