Homework help for parents: Advice from GLTC

Are you in need of some homework help?

We understand the challenge – the kids have been at school all day and the last thing they want to do is to come home and sit still, they’ll be restless and complain it’s ‘boring’. It becomes a battle, whilst you’re trying to cook dinner, there might also a toddler running around under your feet so getting them to sit down calmly and concentrate on their maths homework is near enough impossible.

If this is your family, then you need some homework help!

Sadly this is something we need to make them go through, not only to improve their education but also to aid their development for the future to learn discipline and structure.

To point you in the right direction below are our homework help tips and how to tackle it as a parent.


A child’s brain is like a sponge, it can soak a lot up, but every so often needs wringing out so it’s ready to soak up more.

We recommend they have a half an hour break when they come home from school to freshen up and let their brains relax. A routine is important to help them understand structure and process. It will help prevent the arguments and resistance so children know what they need to do and when it needs to be done by. So a routine where they have half an hour to relax with a drink and a snack will help fuel their brain ready to concentrate.

It’s a good idea to set a goal for when they need to finish their homework by, but equally ensure they understand they are not finished until everything is completed. This will help teach them to work towards a goal and depending on how old they are they could learn how to manage their time as well.

Once they have finished try having a tidy up time, it can be a quick 5 minute pack up to put everything back in their storage compartments and file homework away neatly. That way you can be sure there will be no last minute rush in the morning and then when they next come to sit down for homework time, there will be no arguments about ‘where’s my pencils and sketchbook?’.


Create a space just for them

An organised work environment that has no distractions is essential.  A child simply will not be able to concentrate with the TV or radio on in the background or a busy family bustling around. The kitchen table or living room isn’t a suitable environment for homework time. We have created some stunning children’s desks and working environments to help inspire you to build the right homework environment for your child. This is even more so important during revision periods too.

Oxford Girls’ Study

The Oxford Desk has been designed to last from childhood right up until the teens. It’s neutral design means that it has long lasting and wide appeal. We have dressed ours up with a nice soft Bonbon Striped Rug and a Twenty / Twenty Lamp . There’s plenty of space for storage too; whether it’s a Carry Caddy to store pens and paper in or a desk organiser such as the Spinning Desk Organiser. Everything can be kept all in one place neat and tidy.

What is great about the Oxford Desk and Whittington Chair  is how versatile they are. If you are creating a space for a boy, or something that has appeal for both boys and girls then you just need to accessorise it differently, try a Rainbow Star or Circus Stripe theme instead.

Homework help - girls oxford study

Whittington Boys’ Study

Like the Oxford Study, the Whittington set can be customised for a boy or girl. The Whittington Desk & Hutch set is suitable for a younger child who is a bit smaller and can be paired with the Junior Whittington Chair. Everything is within easy reach with a little shelving unit and it also has a handy little storage draw at the front too. One of the nicest features about the hutch is the pin board at the back, it’s perfect for pinning up creative ideas and memos.

We’ve created a stars and stripes theme for this study with some canvas storage and a wool rug to help create an organised and cosy atmosphere. We love the idea of hanging some wall hooks next to the study to hang the school bag from, that way you can encourage children to prepare their bag the night before and hang it up ready to go.!

 Homework help -desk for boys

Why not take a proper look at our full range of desks and accessories to create your homework area.

Our top homework help tips for creating a study environment are:

1. Find them the right area, away from the rest of the house.
2. Find the right desk and chair as it’s important they are comfortable.
3. Finally, accessorize with everything they need within easy reach from stationery to shelving for books so to create a comfortable environment.  We recommend a Wall Organiser, so each time they come home from school they can pop their latest assignment in the wall, that way it can’t get lost over the course of the week.


Make it more interesting with some fun learning aids

Learning aids are great for homework help. You can make homework time a bit more interesting with some aids that are interactive and visual which often has a lot more meaning and understanding for children. This is a great homework help tip if you are struggling to help your children take in what they have learnt. Some children cannot process information simply through reading and writing, they need a different way to soak up information and help them focus.

National Curriculum Magnets

If they need help with English homework when forming sentences or grammar, then a try a magnetic board. You can use magnetic words to form sentences and learn Alphabet, Phonetic and Reception words.   As it is more interactive children will enjoy moving around the words to structure sentences; it’s much more engaging than a pencil and paper.

Homework help for maths

Wipe Clean Letter & Word Practice

Make sure they get it right and understand what they are writing before they put pen to paper. This word practice board helps to practice letter recognition and pen control. This is great for handwriting practice.

Homework help for letters and numbers

Magnetic Money Chart

A great homework help idea for adding, subtracting and learning about money.  You can help by giving them the total and then the child needs to find the right money to make up the total, the money is magnetic and they can stick on the board. It’s a great interactive way to teach them maths on the current curriculum but it’s a bit more fun and tangible.

Homework help for maths


Have a homework planner

Our final advice for homework help is to have a wall planner at home with a homework diary. You can set yourselves up for the week and teach children the skills of planning ahead, setting deadlines and ensure that nothing gets missed off.  If you have enlisted the help of a Wall Organiser then you can  hang your planner up next to it. We like to use a blackboard like this Peel & Stick Blackboard as the kids can be involved in writing up what they need to do each night. They will also have great delight in crossing everything off as the week goes on and then you can wipe it all off at the end of the week and start a new planner for the following week.

With September only around the corner, now is a great time to get prepared for a fresh year, we hope our ideas for homework help have given you inspiration. We also recommend you read this blog post from www.rainydaymum.co.uk on Tips for setting up a Homework Station. As a former teacher Cerys is a wealth of knowledge on how to support education and she also has some great ideas for creativity in the home.


Best Wishes

Lisa Neatham

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